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A Call to Love

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Light of Consciousness magazine  (Spring 2017, Vol. 29, No. 1)

A CALL TO LOVE by Austin Repath

Love may be a much more subtle force than fear, greed and hate, but it can create a healing and embracing atmosphere that could percolate everywhere it’s needed, all around our planet. (Full story appeared in their magazine.)


Joyce Rupp  (Fall 2017)

Joyce is a well-known writer, spiritual "midwife," and worldwide retreat & conference speaker. This appeared in one of her monthly newsletters:

My friend in Toronto, Canada, now in his 80's, has yearned for a world of peace for as long as I have known him. I admire Austin Repath greatly for his relentless search in how find a way to make a difference. Here is a small extract from his essay A Call to Love:

"Think of love as an energy and not just an emotion. "What we call 'love' is a radiation that pervades the whole cosmos... Think of it as the basic energy of the universe. Surely this is what spiritual teachers East and West have continuously taught: that the purpose of living is to become a source of loving energy."


Banyen Books & Sound  (Fall 2017)

Located in Vancouver, Banyen is Canada's most comprehensive metaphysical and spiritual bookstore. From one of their newsletters:

Our old friend Austin Repath, author of The Pilgrim Cards, has a beautiful invitation for all of us. A CALL TO LOVE is about generating love and pouring it out to anyone and everyone, as a practice for being alive. Do visit his website.

- Kolin Lymworth (owner of Banyen)


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